During the 18th Century, when America put out a welcome mat to the world, some 250,000 Scots-Irish people landed at Mid-Atlantic ports in search of the fulfilling lives and livelihoods they couldn’t find in their homeland. Many families piloted covered wagons south through Maryland and Virginia and then settled in bucolic church-centered communities along the Piedmont Carolinas’ creeks and the Catawba River. The Rea family was one of them, arriving here from Pennsylvania in 1763, the year Mecklenburg County was formed.

The family with 10 children eventually owned 550 acres of farmland and pastures that they loved and worked for generations. Though some family land was sold in the 1960s, 187 prime acres on Providence Road was retained, giving rise to Charlotte Golf Links in 1992. Two decades later, another opportunity arose to turn the former fairways and woods into a special community – a community where businesses could grow and 21st Century families could follow the echoes of history and leave their own legacies on cherished family land.  Welcome to Rea Farms.